Astrological Prediction 2024, the Year of the Yang Wood Dragon

This year, with the permission of CT Holman, we can once again offer his Astrological Prediction 2024, the Year of the Yang Wood Dragon, on our website. We are extremely grateful to him for this. ►link to The Yang Wood Dragon

Continuing education

Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg

Cancer treatment is finished! Now life can return to normal! Or can it? And why should acupuncturists be interested?

Nearly 25% of cancer survivors live with at least one long-term consequence of their cancer treatment, like pain, fatigue, or emotional distress, which lead to reduced quality of life. Many are told by their medical professionals that nothing can be done, and that they need to learn to live with troublesome chronic symptoms.

This course will teach you, that acupuncture has a lot to offer these patients! You will learn how you can help thousands of cancer survivors to recover from their cancer treatment, addressing both physical and emotional aspects of their recovery, enabling them to navigate the long-term journey of survivorship with renewed strength and confidence.

Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg

This 2-day course, meticulously curated by Jonathan Shubs, immerses you in the ancient wisdom of the Nan Jing (The Classic of Difficult Issues; most likely written by multiple authors during the Han dynasty, 25–220 AD) as articulated in chapters 16 and 69. The narrative of Nan Jing unveils a unique understanding of complex medical concepts, laying a solid foundation for the therapeutic journey we encounter with every patient. Additionally, Jonathan will teach you the 5-element logic of the Sa'am 4-needle technique and the Nan Jing abdominal palpation. This will provide you with fantastic tools to verify your diagnosis and learn how, despite using only a few points, you can still achieve significant therapeutic effects. Moreover, you will receive immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your treatment from your patients. How wonderful is that!

Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg

Chinese medicine and philosophy are deeply intertwined with numerical systems, as is evident in concepts like the Three Powers, Four Levels, Five Elements, Six Divisions, and Seven Emotions. These myriad systems, along with the Five Element Archetypes and the Five Spirits, form the foundation of traditional Chinese medical practices.

But the Chinese weren’t the only ones to make numbers speak! The Greek also developed a very interesting system: Numerology. This workshop will zoom in on the intriguing connections between Numerology and Chinese medicine. Although originating from different cultural and historical backgrounds, both fields harness the power of numbers to offer profound insights into better understanding patients, friends, family, and even oneself.

This analysis will offer you intriguing perspectives and understandings not typically accessible through traditional study of these concepts alone. By examining the parallels and contrasts between these systems, you will gain a more comprehensive and enlightening view of what it means to be human, and how the Authentic Self is built.

Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg

For the seasoned acupuncturist, the pursuit of new knowledge and skills is an ongoing journey. This course presents an unparalleled chance to master 12 specific treatment patterns, deeply rooted in both age-old wisdom and contemporary insights. These patterns draw from the I Ching Ba Gua, the Unified Acupuncture Theory (UAT), and the Balance Method.

These 12 patterns are adept at addressing a range of internal functional challenges, especially focusing on anxiety and insomnia. They revolve around three core concepts: dynamic interactions, static interactions, and the Channel code. Together, these concepts provide a comprehensive treatment approach, catering to musculoskeletal issues, functional disorders, internal imbalances, and emotional and psychological states.