The beauty of life is reflected in the ten thousand things between heaven and earth


The world around us is a miracle. An adventure.

An age-old, everlasting force in which life comes into being and passes away, in which nature goes ahead and in which mankind experiences, tries to understand, and wants to give meaning.

With dazzling speed, we fly into space, build computers, produce information en contract diseases, both on an individual level as well as in a broader perspective because we find ourselves carried away in the adventure of discovering something new again and again and have forgotten to stand still at the rich life of which we seem to exist even in the smallest details.

On the other hand, we discover, at the same speed, that we also have to deal with a world in which we, according to the laws of Quantum physics, can decide every moment of the day “who” or “what” we want to be. We can stop time and live in the “now” that exists of uncountable possibilities.

In that world, International Lectures wants to tell you, how big the miracle is, how beautiful the adventure is, how enormous the forces of which life exists. With stories of how others look at the same world, from way back till today. Mostly from ideas that have been developed in the eastern world on health, strategic thinking, and the wealth of life in general. Ideas that allow us to develop ourselves physically, mentally, or spiritually. Sometimes very practically, sometimes with something to think about, always with the space to let you experience the wonder of life in another way.