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Chinese medicine and philosophy are deeply intertwined with numerical systems, as is evident in concepts like the Three Powers, Four Levels, Five Elements, Six Divisions, and Seven Emotions. These myriad systems, along with the Five Element Archetypes and the Five Spirits, form the foundation of traditional Chinese medical practices.

But the Chinese weren’t the only ones to make numbers speak! The Greek also developed a very interesting system: Numerology. This workshop will zoom in on the intriguing connections between Numerology and Chinese medicine. Although originating from different cultural and historical backgrounds, both fields harness the power of numbers to offer profound insights into better understanding patients, friends, family, and even oneself.

This analysis will offer you intriguing perspectives and understandings not typically accessible through traditional study of these concepts alone. By examining the parallels and contrasts between these systems, you will gain a more comprehensive and enlightening view of what it means to be human, and how the Authentic Self is built.

David is an inspiring lecturer with lots of experience. Exciting, extremely knowledgeable and fun. I left with good insights that I could immediately put into practice. I'm looking forward to the next time I can participate in his lectures.

Roger SvenssonCM Practitioner specialising in fertily treatments (Graz Austria; 2019 - Stockholm Sweden, 2022)

The power of numbers

On the surface, it might seem like Numerology and Chinese medicine have nothing in common. It is fairly accurate to say that during the period these systems were developed, there was little to no contact between Greece and China.

Numerology, originating in Greece around the middle 500s BCE, utilizes numbers to define individual Archetypes, including 'Ruling' or 'Life Path' numbers, 'Personal Year' numbers, and the 'Arrows of Pythagoras' derived from birth dates.

Chinese medicine and philosophy, deeply rooted in numerical concepts like the Three Powers, Four Levels, Five Elements, Six Divisions, and Seven Emotions, also encompasses the Five Element Archetypes and the Five Spirits. These were developed in various periods, mainly between 400-100 BCE, with its fundamental concepts originating even centuries before that.

Making the connection

What is fascinating here, is that a lot of the numbers from Numerology point towards a relationship with the Chinese medicine organ system. There is also an intriguing connection between Numerology and the Five Element Archetypes as well as the Five Spirits.

So why not analyse, compare and contrast the Numerology Archetypes against the Five Element Archetype system and the Five Spirits? What happens then is like inserting a plug into an electrical socket: it initiates a constant flow of new information and insight. This synergy energises our understanding of health and wellness, illuminating both fields in ways that, separately, they could not achieve. Just as electricity transforms a dormant device into a functioning tool, this fusion brings a dynamic new perspective to traditional practices and beliefs, powering a deeper comprehension of human nature and health.

The value of understanding, and implementing, the different Archetypes and Spirits into your clinic cannot be understated. They give you a greater insight into your patient’s personality – how they operate in their worlds; how they tick! This also aids you in the treatment of your patient’s emotional turmoil, stress, and mental health. It helps your patient's feelings of joy and contentment, even their sense of self.

This fascinating workshop is both theoretical and practical – giving you the opportunity to get to know your individual Archetypes and Spirits better. It will give you tools that you can use in clinic immediately that will almost certainly change the life of your patients, yourself and the people close to you.

I think that David Hartmann is an amazing presenter. I have been lucky to enjoy several of his lectures about acupuncture and the practice of this art in different dimensions. From the first minute, he captures your attention with a torrent of knowledge and references knowing perfectly how to deliver it to you. He is that kind of generous teacher that is able to give you all and creates in you a strong interest to study more. David connects with the audience from the heart with a humble and sincere attitude that makes it easy and pleasant to learn with him.

Felip CaudetCM practitioner specialising in Japanese moxibustion (Graz Austria; 2022 - Gold Cost Australia; 2023)


Participants are provided with additional material (beyond the PowerPoint slides) to help with analysing, assessing, and diagnosing. They will also receive a bonus article on ‘Numerology and the 27 Club’.