Continuing education


This course promises to be an enlightening journey deep into the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), exploring the intricate dance between the universal principles of Yin and Yang as they manifest in the six conformations. Understanding how these two primal forces interplay, giving rise to the dynamic processes that govern life and health, is crucial for grasping the essence of the six conformations, which represent the functional entities in TCM responsible for maintaining balance within the body.

So yes, in this course we are going to delve deep into the historical roots and philosophical underpinnings of TCM, drawing heavily on the seminal text, the Yellow Emperor's Classic. But it will be highly rewarding. Through this lens, you will see the depth of TCM's integration with Daoist principles, especially as illustrated by the I Ching, enriching their comprehension of health and disease. And that is of basic importance to all TCM therapists.