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This 2-day course, meticulously curated by Jonathan Shubs, immerses you in the ancient wisdom of the Nan Jing (The Classic of Difficult Issues; most likely written by multiple authors during the Han dynasty, 25–220 AD) as articulated in chapters 16 and 69. The narrative of Nan Jing unveils a unique understanding of complex medical concepts, laying a solid foundation for the therapeutic journey we encounter with every patient. Additionally, Jonathan will teach you the 5-element logic of the Sa'am 4-needle technique and the Nan Jing abdominal palpation. This will provide you with fantastic tools to verify your diagnosis and learn how, despite using only a few points, you can still achieve significant therapeutic effects. Moreover, you will receive immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your treatment from your patients. How wonderful is that!

I love every moment! Each time I am attending I get surprised by the high level of teachings and the practical application of it in the clinic.

MargaretStudent (Netherlands; September 2020)

Sa'am's 4-Needle Technique:

Discover the innovative Korean Sa'am 4-needle acupuncture technique that resonates with the rhythmic harmony of the body's energies. This technique, minimalist in its approach with just four needles, opens doors to a myriad of healing possibilities as it is capable of tonifying, dispersing, warming, or cooling any meridian in the body, allowing for profound energetic shifts.

Nan Jing Abdominal Palpation:

Learn how to palpate the abdomen in Nan Jing style. This diagnostic tool is rooted in ancient Chinese medicine and refined in Japanese acupuncture practice. Under Jonathan's expert guidance, you will unravel the philosophy and practice of abdominal palpation, enhancing your diagnostic accuracy and enabling a better informed and interactive treatment.

Clinical Applications in Practice:

Thanks to the increased diagnostic accuracy, you will gain more confidence when treating a wide range of complex patterns, particularly in internal and psycho-emotional disorders.

Thanks to the well-balanced mix of theory and practice, you will gain a thorough understanding of the 5 elements, meridian interactions, and the interactive nature of these ancient healing systems. You will find, as you apply the new practical skills and the broader perspective on holistic healing approaches with your own patients, how this ancient wisdom comes fully into play in contemporary practice.

About Jonathan Shubs:

Jonathan Shubs is a seasoned Naturopathic Practitioner in TCM with an Advanced Swiss Federal Diploma, specializing in acupuncture. With a thriving acupuncture clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland, and as the creator of the Unified Acupuncture Theory system, Jonathan brings a wealth of practical and theoretical expertise to this course. His unique pedagogical approach guarantees an unforgettable learning experience where ancient medical wisdom and modern acupuncture techniques are made accessible and engaging.

Objective of the Course:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be proficient in identifying the affected element, selecting the right treatment points, and applying abdominal palpation for precise diagnosis and immediate feedback.

They will also understand the interactive nature of the 5 elements and thereby their practical application to tonify, disperse, warm, or cool the Qi in a meridian using the 5-element system.

Course Overview:

Day 1

• Introduction and theory of 5 elements • Explanation of the basic concepts of dynamic 5-element use with classical references • Concepts of tonification and dispersion in needle technique • How to tonify the 6 Yin channels • Abdominal palpation with demo

Day 2

• How to tonify the 6 Yang channels • Abdominal palpation with demo • How to disperse the 6 Yin channels • How to disperse the 6 Yang channels • Use of dynamic 5-needle technique in the clinic • Examples and case studies • Practical-oriented exercise

In Conclusion:

This course is more than a learning experience; it is an adventure to the heart of traditional Chinese medicine, promising a nuanced understanding guided by a highly experienced instructor. Seize this opportunity to deepen your understanding, sharpen your skills, and broaden your holistic healing repertoire, and enjoy the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine, the innovation of modern acupuncture techniques, and the enriching guidance during this fascinating course!

Presenter is clearly an expert in the UAT. He presents the content clearly and in such a way as to make it easy to learn. He is quite patient. Thoroughly enjoyed learning and will put it into practice immediately.

The class was delivered in a fun interactive dialog. Lots of visual and immediate implementation made it easy to learn “user friendly”. I know I have found an Acupuncture system that treat pain immediately and effectively.

DalethStudent (Australia; February 2020)