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Let’s get to the point right away: clients with severe emotional conditions DO NOT need relaxation or to CALM SHEN. This may well be what we have been taught or what we think it is what they need because of their presentation. But with this course Sohial Farzam will assure you, after practicing and researching for many years, they need something else! They need a transformation! Not relaxation.

Ask yourself the following questions:

• Do you know the true definition of the word emotion? • Are we born with default emotions? • What if stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions are the body's intelligent response to something more profound? • What does Neijing Su Wen/Ling Shu, Nan Jing, Dao De Jing have to say about emotions? • How does trauma affect our body, physiology, personality, and beliefs? • How can we help clients release trauma? • What are the neuroscientific, physiological, psychological, implications with emotional imbalances? • Are there herbs, vitamins, supplements that can offer optimum treatment outcomes?

At the end of this course, you will be able to give all the answers in a perfectly understandable way. By then it will all be so logical and self-evident to you that you might not even notice how you have interwoven age-old Eastern and ultra-modern Western knowledge into new groundbreaking insights.

Every year as practitioners we often wonder what course will best advance our practice help us achieve better results. Sohial's psycho-emotional course, is that course! He has created an amazing synthesis of western psychology with a TCM application, which in all honesty is second to none.

His course will allow you to treat at the level of Shen which I believe is a must for any chronic condition.

If you want to be an expert you have to learn from this expert.

Peter MejiaAcupuncturist (Melbourne Australia)

Topics that will be covered in this 2-Days seminar:

• Intention & Prerequisites of a Healer | The evolution of Consciousness | The integration of Heaven, Man, Earth • The drive of human values | The Science of Pain, Trauma & TCM | Quantum Physics/Healing in TCM • The Organs and Personality Traits | The 3 Levels of Emotional Penetration | The 3 Brains and TCM Model • The Miracle 8 Extraordinary Channels | TCM & Western Scientific Medicine (WSM) models of Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Anger, Bi-Polar, Stress, PTSD • Psycho-Spiritual Causes of Disease | Full Analysis of 50 Acupuncture Points for Emotional Empowerment • Analysis of Shen, Yi, Po, Zhi and Hun | And much much more...

A closer look at some of these topics...

1 Quantum Physics, TCM Classics and the 3 Regions of the Brain...

You will explore a fascinating integration between classical & modern TCM and how the profound knowledge of healers thousands of years ago was and is perfectly aligned with current thoughts in quantum physics and healing.

We also learn how the evolution of the brain is such that it is constantly changing and molding to help us maximize our purpose and destiny in life.

2 The Science and Effects of Emotional Pain and Trauma (TCM and Western Models)...

Starting to explore trauma stemming all the way from utero, through the process of birth and throughout life. You will learn the everlasting impact of trauma on the body and how we carry these effects in our physiology. You will learn how trauma affects and shifts our personality and decisions throughout life and the many hidden symptoms we carry in our bodies and the overall impact on our (your clients’) lives. You will then explore how we can use the understanding of trauma and how to process it, shift it and resolve it and of course release it from the body. We will explore full treatment options that are available with TCM, the 8 extra channels and what western medicine has to offer including the areas of the brain affected and how they characterize changes in our behavior and decisions.

3 The Hypo and Hyper states of the 5 Spirits and their implications on behavior...

We know in TCM that the 5 Spirits (Shen, Yi, Po, Zhi and Hun) have an influence on emotional attributes. But to what extent? How do the 5 Spirits/5 zang organs characterize and shape our personality? How do they influence every characteristic trait and emotional reaction. How does the hypo and hyper states of the Spirits impact our levels of confidence, assertion, trust, building bonds, compassion, obsession, narcissism, resentment, forgiveness (or lack of), drive, sexual orientation, procrastinations, lying, spiteful behaviors, dominant behavior, and submissiveness and so much more?

4 An In-depth Analysis of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Grief, Addictions, and so much more...

What if anxiety, depression, bi-polar and addictions are a normal and mechanical intelligent response from the body to help us re-evaluate our past, present and future and our illusive fears and threats? This is a powerful segment of the 2 days as you will learn ground-breaking information that will completely transform what you may currently know about such common emotions and how they impact our mind and body.

We will explore physiological, psychological, and pharmacological connections between the body, mind, and brain amongst these mental health challenges with an understanding of CCM, TCM and WM models.

5 The Psycho-Emotional Applications of 50 of the most powerful Acupuncture Points for Emotional Empowerment...

You may know that points clear heat, move stagnation, move blood, expel wind, resolve damp and calm shen. But did you know each point has a story? An innate nature? A personality?

This module is by far one of the most loved and interesting segments of the seminar. You will gain a thorough understanding of the psychology of points, combinations, techniques and associations to physiological changes that can bring positive transformations. You're going to LOVE this segment!

Sohial is truly the authority in the field of Psycho-Emotional disorders. Not only is his TCM knowledge unparalleled in this area, but his Western interpretation of the emotions and their relationships to brain chemistry perfectly meshes the TCM and Western Scientific Medicine (WSM) side of the emotions together. A passionate and clear presenter, Sohial leaves you completely inspired and armed with all the tools you need to tackle the toughest of Psycho-Emotional cases presented in your clinic.

Hamish ReidAcupuncturist Lecturer Speaker (Melbourne Australia)

I just spent 2 of the most inspiring days learning about psycho-emotional conditions from a true expert in the field. Sohial brought a whole new depth of understanding the emotions in a way I'd never known before and certainly nothing I learnt at uni, or after 16 years in practice from other seminars.

The integration of psychology, human behavior and TCM was dynamic and profound not to mention the addition of neuroscience and quantum physics. Sohial presents with great enthusiasm and humor to make such an in depth topic easy to relate to and understand.

Savoula ZakisAcupuncturist (Melbourne Australia)

Inspired! Great to attend a presentation that isn’t limiting perspectives to what’s inside/outside the box. Encouragement to look at the piece of art that is TCM and see it as many ways as possible. Great delivery pace and style.

JayAcupuncturist & Tui Na (Brisbane Australia)

My experience over the last two days has been unbelievable. My personal growth was as fast as Sohial talks. I would not hesitate to recommend this seminar to any practitioner. It bridges the gap from thousands of years of knowledge to today’s society.

The addition of Sohial’s psychological prowess completes the journey. Much appreciated experience. Keep up the great work.

Grayson FongAcupuncturist (Sydney Australia)