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— A discussion of the interplay of a person’s Ming with the Universal Qi flow of the Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, and the Five Spirit Animals —

When looking at a person’s interaction with the universal qi flow, there exists a triad of factors: A person’s constitution (i.e., their elemental makeup, their Ming/destiny, their genetic disposition), the universal energy flow (i.e., the heavenly stems/earthly branches and the five spirit animals), and a person’s pathology patterns (i.e., past physical and/or emotional trauma, genetic imbalances, poor lifestyle choices).

The webinar is fully recorded, lasts a total of 12 hours and 48 minutes (2 days) and can be followed at your own pace. There are 2 quizzes to be completed at the end of each 6 hour 24 minute webinar day. The days on which the quizzes are completed count for the professional associations as days on which you followed the webinar, if you completed the quizzes with a pass.

In this course, CT Holman will share his experience of guiding patients in becoming more in tune with the universal energy by identifying their constitutional makeup and helping them harmonize with the universal energy flow. Once these are identified, he utilizes lifestyle and treatment strategies based on their Ming. When all these aspects are integrated, optimal health abounds.

CT will also explain how identifying a patient’s pathology patterns provides clues to how they are out of balance with the universal qi flow. Several point prescriptions and case studies will be provided. CT draws on his extensive studies under Master Zhongxian Wu, Lillian Bridges, Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, and Dr. Wei Chieh-Young.

In the excerpt from the course below, CT Holman gives an example of how to determine one's Ming/destiny by studying a patient's face and combining it with the Wisdom of the 12 Chinese Animals and the Five Spirit Animals of Chinese Shamanism.

Course objectives

• Identify a patient’s constitutional make-up. • Learn to diagnose imbalances due to seasonal changes. • Determine acupuncture points for treating different constitutional imbalances. • Formulate acupuncture prescriptions for treating various disease patterns.


Day One

1.5 hours: Introduction of Ming (destiny) and how to identify the specific constitutional five-element makeup based on traditional diagnostic techniques.

1.5 hours: Introduction of Facial Diagnosis and how to use it to determine a patient’s five-element constitution. Case studies and several patient pictures will be shown.

1.5 hours: Describe several different pathological patterns and how to diagnose them with traditional Chinese medicine.

1.5 hours: Explain how to treat a variety of pathological patterns with acupuncture to help improve a person’s health and ultimately connect them with their Ming (destiny).

Day Two

1.5 hours: Introduce heavenly stems and earthly branches. Discuss the stems and branches for each month and how they affect physiology.

1.5 hours: How to treat patients with acupuncture using the concept of stems and branches. Discuss how to improve a person’s physiology and ultimately a person’s connection to their Ming by harmonizing them with the stems and branches of each month and year.

1.5 hours: Explain how to identify pathology patterns and how these patterns can hinder a person’s Ming. Several acupuncture prescriptions will be provided to treat pathology.

1.5 hours: Case studies of using acupuncture and lifestyle techniques to improve a patient’s health by working with the stems and branches to have them get in tune with their Ming.