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Measures regarding COVID 19

International Lectures organizes the upcoming courses in the Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten. The Conference Hotel follows the measures and advice of the central government and the RIVM with regard to the coronavirus (COVID 19) that apply to every hotel in the Netherlands and requests your cooperation with the following:

Facial Beauty Uncovered, © Maria Gloss

The beauty of 5-element facial acupuncture

Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg

Intensive 6-day course in which you will learn to recognize physical blockages thanks to facial diagnostics, which you will then learn to treat with a unique combination of facial and 5 element acupuncture. As a result, deep emotional stagnations will be dissolved, bringing a patient back into harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level with the cosmetic effect that the shen and the natural beauty of the face will also be restored and unveiled.

30 September 2022 at 10:30
20 November 2022 at 16:00

’6-day course to learn the proper diagnostic skills and needling techniques to uncover the natural beauty of the face'.

On this course you will learn

  • Advanced painless needling techniques to the face
  • 5-element constitutions and constitutional acupuncture
  • Facial expression analysis according to TCM and modern psychology
  • Cosmetic facial treatments
  • To recognize and dissolve emotional stagnation of the body and face
  • To bring back the shen and natural beauty to the face

The face is an open book

When you are suffering from deep emotional stagnation and negative outlooks, it shows! You just have to read the lines, shapes and colors that are mirroring the imbalances you are dealing with on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

The same is true when you are in an open and harmonized state: you have a face that shows your personal inner harmony and natural beauty.

This course will provide you with facial diagnostic- and needling techniques to understand and treat the body's imbalances expressed in the face, working with the inner joy and outer beauty of your patient. The treatment programs you learn and practice during this course dissolve deep emotional stagnation and negative outlooks and opens and harmonizes on a physical, mental and spiritual level. This transformation process happens with a unique combination of facial and 5-element acupuncture.

Diagnosis, treatment and inner peace

Acupuncture to the face requires secure needling techniques and unique skills based on a solid theoretical base. On the course we work with both facial muscle motor points and classical acupuncture points to harmonize the face and dissolve emotional stagnations. With specific painless needling techniques and combinations of certain body and facial points the face returns to its natural beauty. The techniques make the face and shen radiate joy, youthfulness and inner peace and vitality by treating both external pathogens like cold, wind and heat and stress related emotions like sadness, anxiety, worry, grief and frustration, that all leave marks on the face.

A practical course with transforming results

To bring about a transformation from emotional stagnations to natural beauty from such a deep inner level, you need more than a superficial cosmetic acupuncture technique. It is a combination of the oldest techniques from the Yellow Emperor and 5-element beauty tradition to the latest Western scientific knowledge about acupuncture and facial muscles and skin renewal.

Intentional needling with knowledge of both TCM and more modern Western approaches of how facial muscles and skin tissue reacts, provides transforming results on a physical, mental and spiritual level. During the course you will experience these changes due to all the practical work. We take before and after photos of all participants, so you can document the changes that occur in your face as a result of the treatments you receive during the course.

Time schedule

  • 30 September 2022 | 10:30—16:00
  • 1 October 2022 | 8:00—15:00
  • 2 October 2022 | 8:00—15:00
  • 18 November 2022 | 11:30—17:00
  • 19 November 2022 | 9:00—16:00
  • 20 November 2022 | 9:00—16:00

Target audience

Acupuncturists, student acupuncture


Accreditation is obtained from NVA (code AT), NWP (licenses Acupuncture and Shiatsu) and Zhong (Category 1, 39 NAP). Accreditation will be applied at Eufom and BAF if a student is a member of one of these organizations. A member of the VNT can apply for an individual accreditation in the member section online.

Prior knowledge

Basic TMM


  • Regular price 1,255.00
  • Regular price with payment in instalments 1,265.00
  • Early Bird price (until August 20, 2022) 1,145.00
  • Early Bird price (until August 20, 2022) with payment in instalments 1,155.00

The Early Bird price is valid until August 20, 2022. The price is incl. coffee/tea/water/lunch (day 2, 3, 5, 6)