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As we all know, Chinese Medicine, including the Five Element theory and acupuncture, views the mind, body, emotions, and spirit as interconnected aspects of an individual's well-being. This aligns with the holistic perspectives of today’s biomedical science, which consider the interplay between psychological, emotional, and physiological factors in understanding human health. It recognizes more and more that the main factor for most health problems and diseases such as chronic pain, heart diseases, diabetes, insomnia, cancer, metabolic and autoimmune disturbance, digestive disorders, cognition, and emotional challenges is rooted in traumatic stress, either from childhood or a later stage in life.

What exactly is stress?

Stress is a disturbance of the body’s internal balance in response to perceived threat, including the threat of some essential need being denied. Physical hunger may be one such deprivation, but in our society the threat is most often psychic, such as the withdrawal of emotional nourishment or the disruption of psychological harmony.

Stress becomes traumatic to someone when he or she becomes disconnected from the authentic Self because of perceived threat. This can happen both consciously and unconsciously.

Traumatic stress is not limited only to obvious causes such as death, war, sexual abuse, abandonment, natural disasters, etc., but also to less obvious causes such as minor car accidents, being lost in a strange place, financial difficulties, failure, rejection, not fitting in, or someone’s (unconscious) perception that one is not valued as the person he or she truly is, and/or not being loved enough, strong enough, good enough, safe enough.

Keeping in balance dynamically

Allostasis is a term that describes the dynamic process of achieving stability by distributing the impact of stress across various body systems. Our capacity for allostasis is what helps us survive, learn from, and return to equilibrium.

In traumatic stress, a person is damaged when the various body systems (nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, (unconscious) belief system) are unable to return to equilibrium, resulting in a loss of contact with the authentic Self.

This is where the power of Five Elements Acupuncture is of great value, as it helps restore allostasis, coherence and the equilibrium between body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

The Five Phases of Traumatic Stress

One of the most accepted biophysiological models for the understanding and treatment of Traumatic Stress is the “Somatic Experiencing Model of Traumatic Stress” which consists of Five Phases.

Interestingly, these phases demonstrate a clear overlap with the Five Elements model, offering us valuable insights into their interconnectedness. By comprehending and integrating these models, we can harness the transformative potential of Five Elements Acupuncture in healing patients who are anxious or emotionally distressed, regardless of their specific symptoms or diseases.

Unlocking the Secrets of Five Elements Acupuncture

Tuvia Scott has studied traumatic stress extensively and carefully build this seminar for practitioners in Chinese Medicine who possess a foundational knowledge of Five Elements Personality Types and Five Elements Acupuncture Points Energetics. This seminar will be specifically interesting for those who have the experience and the ability to interact with emotionally distressed patients.

Throughout the seminar, Tuvia will dive deep into the following aspects: • Understanding traumatic stress and its physiological, emotional, and spiritual impact. • Exploring the Five Phases of the Somatic Experiencing Model of Traumatic Stress. • Discovering the profound correlation between the Five Elements Model and the Five Phases Somatic Model. • Mastering the art of planning a Five Elements Acupuncture treatment process for healing. • Developing skills in Five Elements Pulse Diagnosis and treatment planning. • Engaging with insightful case studies that highlight the efficacy of Five Elements Acupuncture in addressing traumatic stress.

By acquiring the knowledge, techniques, and wisdom of Tuvia during this course, you will get to know the transformative power of acupuncture of the Five Elements in an intensive way. There is ample attention for Five Elements pulse diagnostics and building a structured treatment plan that teaches you in a thorough way how to treat this vulnerable group of patients step by step in a well-founded manner.

With this you not only offer your patients the chance for a profound healing experience, but you also gain valuable insights into the different levels that contribute to human well-being, such as the connection between body and mind, energetic imbalances, trauma, emotional regulation, self-awareness. It brings you one step closer to understanding what human health is really about.

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► Healing Wisdom: Five Element Acupuncture for Treating Traumatic Stress; 19-21 January 2024 & Looking in the Universal Mirror; 2023 & Facing your true personality; 27-29 October 2023; € 1388,05 (incl. 15% discount)