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Yin Black Rabbit Forecast

In the tradition of Lillian Pearl Bridges, CT Holman has made an extensive forecast for 2023 and has given his consent for us to share his forecast with you on our website. Thank you very much for that!

►Click here for the Yin Black Rabbit Forecast 2023 by CT Holman


Looking in the Universal Mirror - Embodying our Authentic Self


The face is a blueprint of the soul. Each feature, color, and marking hold significant information about a person’s health, personality, and destiny. The two sides of the face reflect very different aspects of a person’s being: the right side is what someone is projecting to the world – what they want people to think of them – whereas the left side represents a person’s true nature. Many times, these two sides are different based on colors, lines, and the shape of features.

In this course you will learn where these differences come from.

10 June 2023 at 11:15
18 June 2023 at 16:00

Naturally given harmony

First, CT Holman will explain that there is a natural connection between the true Self and the Universal Qi-flow. This means that a person is gifted with talents, strengths, weaknesses, etc., created by their date of birth, their constitution, and their Ming. By using the 12 Wisdom Animals, stems and branches, and Five Spirit Animals you can get a clear view about the Authentic Self. And also how a person would be able to make the most use of his talents in relation to the Universal energy flow by nourishing his or her most optimal Qi-flow.

Both sides of the face would be perfectly balanced.

Daily disbalances

But then daily life kicks in, leaving physical, emotional, and spiritual marks in the body, because of conscious choices a person makes or is forced to make, due to upbringing, culture, education, traumas, making compromises, etc., thus redrawing mainly the right side of their faces.

How we must deal with these disbalances is also something we have been taught in our culture. We have learned to compare new situations with old traumas, social and/or cultural habits, or what we believe to be common sense, and base our new choices on avoiding the painful situations and embracing joyful or happy situations over and over again, thus directing our Qi-flow in certain ways that are not necessarily in harmony with our Authentic Self.

Time schedule

  • 10 June 2023 | 11:15—16:00
  • 11 June 2023 | 11:15—16:00
  • 17 June 2023 | 11:15—16:00
  • 18 June 2023 | 11:15—16:00

Target audience

Acupuncturists, student acupuncture, TCM therapists that work with acupuncture points.


Accreditation is obtained from NVA (code AT) and NWP.

The accreditation is acknowledged by the VBAG.

Accreditation is applied at Zhong.

Accreditation will be applied at request at Eufom and BAF if a student is a member of one of these organizations.

A member of the VNT can apply for an individual accreditation in the member section online.

Prior knowledge

Basic TCM.


  • Regular price 475.00
  • Regular Price with payment in terms 485.00