• Continued Education in Chinese Medicine with Master Jeffry Yuan; 2016-to date
• Working with, and studying Macrobiotic Diet from, Dr. Mira Niazov; 2007–to date
• Private lessons in reading Classical Chinese; 2006-2007
• Continued Education in Acupuncture (CCTM) with Peter Van-Karvel; 2001-2002
• Continued Education in Acupuncture (Stems & Branches) with Adi Goldenberg; 2000-2001
• Chinese Medicine Diploma, Medicine College for Complimentary Medicine, Tel-Aviv, Israel; 1995-2000



• Private Practice, Chinese Medicine, Israel; 2000-to date



• Researching Ancient Chinese Medicine and the Names of Acupuncture Points in Medical Literature such as: Nei Jing, Zhen Jiu Jia Yi Jing, Zhen Jiu Da Cheng, as well as in: Huai Nan Zi, Bai Hu Tong, Dao De Jing, and many more.; 1999-to date



• "The Golden Gate"-course, Israel; 2007-to date
The course, that has been creted and still is created by Avihai, contains six semesters. Each semester focuses thoroughly on one Phase, and includes the function of the Officials with emphasis on their Tracks, the Points along each meridian, understanding of the Point's Names, the Classical use of each point, from which derive the understanding of its Energetic Quality. The material covered during the course is being practically used in clinic both by Mr. Wolczak as well as by the practitioners participating in the course, with promising results.
• "Golden Gate" course, Finland; 2015-2018
• Teaching Stems & Branches and Points Functions at The School for Ancient Chinese Medicine, Rechovot, Israel; 2005-2008
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