Applying the Wisdom of the 12 Chinese Animals to Acupuncture Treatment

Applying the Wisdom of the 12 Chinese Animals to Acupuncture Treatment
Applying the Wisdom of the 12 Chinese Animals to Acupuncture Treatment
8 and 9 May 2021
10.30 AM - 6:00 PM

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The more we understand the universal qi that surrounds and lives within us – taking care of our physical, emotional and spiritual balance –, the better we understand how these energies can help us prevent becoming unbalanced and regain our balance if our qi is disturbed.

The ancient practitioners of Chinese medicine passed down excellent knowledge for this, such as the concepts of yin/yang, the three treasures, five elements, and six qi.

However, it is no wonder that Chinese medicine, after having survived so many political influences during its age-old lifespan, has lost parts of its key information along the way, especially regarding the spiritual aspect. After the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and in the years following, Traditional Chinese Medicine emerged in an effort to Westernize the existing Chinese information. In recent times, Western research-based information has become the support and explanation of Chinese medicine. Contemporary scholars deemed many of the spiritual concepts superstitious or old-fashioned and were therefore abandoned.

But one cannot simply cut out an important piece of the big knowledge puzzle (the spiritual connection) and expect Chinese medicine to work the same or understand it without those essential pieces. This piece is indispensable in understanding the Chinese medicine to the fullest, in every aspect.

The Wisdom of the 12 Chinese Animals

During this practical and entertaining course CT Holman discusses clinical application of the ancient knowledge of the Chinese zodiac. This information has been used for many years by Chinese shamans (practitioners tapping into the cosmic qi for healing, knowledge, and insight) and is extremely helpful in achieving effective diagnostic and treatment results in daily practice.

Ancient practitioners used the Chinese zodiac consisting of 12 animals to diagnose illness and treat disease. The animals symbolize personality traits, cardinal directions, colors, months, two-hour segments, organ systems, food choices, weather patterns, and acupuncture channels. This information was used to predict disease patterns, anticipate emotional imbalances, make nutritional recommendations, and design acupuncture point prescriptions.

© Image from Shamanism in Chinese Medicine by CT Holman, Artist: Tammy Anderson.

CT Holman presents an easy-to-use method to treat patients based on the monthly qi. For example, the month of February is represented by Tiger. Tiger is associated with thunder, up-welling energy, gratefulness, anger, migraines, the gallbladder, triple warmer, and lung acupuncture channels. These associations provide an understanding of which diseases and emotions are common in February and which acupuncture channels harmonize the body, mind, and spirit efficiently and effectively.

CT Holman will show videos to demonstrate point locations and needle techniques. He will also perform drum healing and discuss how the knowledge of the animal symbolism can be used to make yearly predictions.

What will you learn from this course?

After the course, you will be able to implement this easy-to-use application of the 12 animals in your practices immediately. You will have learned several point combinations for different months of the year, various food cures, treatments for several conditions including insomnia, anxiety, various musculoskeletal conditions, diverticulitis, allergies, and hepatitis. You will gain a better understanding of a person’s connection to universal energy and how they can harmonize with these energies.

On a higher level, you will have learned how connecting with the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac will teach you some really important spiritual aspects of Chinese medicine that have been underestimated for so long. This knowledge will undoubtedly instantly increase your, and your patients', harmony with the universal qi. That’s exactly what Chinese medicine was all about centuries ago, what is missing from Traditional Chinese medicine right now, and what this course will teach you.

The information for this comes from CT’s decade-long study under Master Zhongxian Wu and CT’s textbook Shamanism in Chinese Medicine.

Time schedule

The first part of each day will take place via a pre-recorded webinar. This is due to the 7-hour time difference with the United States. On the last 1.5 hours of each course day, CT Holman will teach live via an internet connection and answer questions.

Books by CT Holman

In July 2020, Singing Dragon of CT Holman published the book "Shamanism in Chinese Medicine" - Applying Ancient Wisdom to Health and Healing, with a foreword by Master Zhongxian Wu; ISBN print: 9781787751378; ISBN eBook: 9781787751385.

Book "The Treatment of Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine"

In 2017 the book "The Treatment of Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine" - Integrated Diagnostic and Treatment Strategies was published by Singing Dragon, with a foreword by Lillian Bridges; ISBN print: 9781848193185; ISBN eBook: 9780857012715.


Online webinar

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Thanks to Singing Dragon, participants will get a 25% discount code for the book "Shamanism and Chinese medicine" which can be used exclusively on the website of Singing Dragon.

Participants will also get a free download code from CT Holman for his cd "Chinese Medicine Drum Treatments". Since the webinar includes quite a bit of drumming, the CD will be very helpful for you.

Required knowledge

Basic TCM.

Target group

Acupuncturists, herbalists, tuina therapists, shiatsu therapists, last year TCM, students acupuncture, students herbalism, students tuina, students shiatsu.

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