Peggy Bosch is a psychologist, acupuncturist and Heilpraktikerin. She worked in various psychiatric departments, including forensic psychiatry, addiction treatment, general psychiatry and trauma psychiatry.

Her work focuses on building bridges between East and West, with the aim to have patients benefit as much as possible from the best treatments (if possible combined) from both sides. Peggy, together with her partner Maurits van den Noort, acted as an editor and writer for the book: Schizophrenia, Sleep and Acupuncture.

In November 2015 she obtained her doctorate PhD at the University of Nijmegen in the field of schizophrenia, depression and sleep disorders and their treatment with acupuncture. She published her thesis titled: Needles on the couch: Acupuncture in the Treatment of Depression, Schizophrenia and Sleep Disorders. For this she collected her data at the LVR-Klinik Bedburg-Hau in Germany, where she works as a psychologist. Within this clinic acupuncture treatments are already used on a number of departments and the present study aims at contributing to a further extension.

Since 2004, Peggy regularly visits conferences and has given many international lectures in the field of acupuncture, psychology and psychiatry. She enjoys teaching and supervises Bachelor and Master students in their thesis but also during the internship.

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